Student Leaders

Student Leaders help to set the tone and atmosphere of a school. They are at the forefront of student culture. They are role models that their peers should look up to. They influence their peers. It is therefore important student leaders stand up against bullying of any kind so that the bullying does not take root and continue to harm other students.

“The Government is not going to stop it. The Human Rights Commission is not going to stop it. You will stop it. Students can stop bullying where and when you see it. All the words in human rights treaties and our laws will never match the actions of student leaders protecting the dignity and rights of vulnerable students”

Being a student leader in New Zealand means you walk the talk so you:
  • Listen to other students
  • Help other students
  • Show humility
  • Use the internet wisely
  • Never be a bystander to bullying
  • Never get up yourself
Our goal is to work with students, teachers and professional organisations to provide helpful information and realistic solutions for our youth.