Physical Assault


Physical assaults fall into two categories, spontaneous and pre-arranged events. In both cases, they are often encouraged by supporters and bystanders. In many cases social media is used to “force” participants to fight. Some guys have been involved in fights, and admitted later that they generally just wanted to mouth off and not actually fight each other.

“It was their so called mates that encouraged the situation to get out of hand, and what was worse, was some prefects watching who didn’t stop the fight.”

The female students that helped create this part of the project, said that girls that are physically assaulted begin to lose trust in those closest to them and fear people in and out of school, because they were petrified of being the target again. They said that the worst part was adults that underplayed the assault, as they said it was girls just being girls so they start thinking nobady cares about them anymore. But the real effect was the students hiding their fear, and seemingly being normal but in reality they had a new victim mentality which sometimes led them to embrace YOLO and just not coping”.

Human rights begin at home.  While the United Nations has found New Zealand has a high realisation of human rights, we can do better.  Violence against women and children were identified as areas we must improve on”. 

Our goal is to work with students, teachers and professional organisations to provide helpful information and realistic solutions for our youth.