NCEA Advice

Students completing Level 1 papers are introduced to an entirely new system. Most dauntingly they are introduced to a national, external and internal, examination system.

Teachers must be aware of the added stresses the introduction of this new system places on students. Students are still living lives outside of school and while important, exams do not determine life or death. Teachers need to put NCEA exams in perspective and while emphasising their importance, they must also emphasise a balanced study/recreation approach is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

“When I first sat Level 1 NCEA my teacher kept strongly emphasising the importance of study and the importance of these exams. She encouraged us to create study charts where each hour of our week was assigned to an activity. She then made it a competition to see who studied the most. I filled as many hours as possible with the study but at the end of it I burnt out. Never again have I studied so rigidly.”

Our goal is to work with students, teachers and professional organisations to provide helpful information and realistic solutions for our youth.