Fire Safety with FENZ

“Often the realities of fire are not well understood due to television and movies portrayal of fire scenarios for visual impact. Through this education resource, we are looking at providing the realities and dangers relevant to students to dispel some of these myths.
Fire is fast and smoke is a killer. Simple actions can prevent fires from starting and if the worst happens there are a number of actions you can take that will save your life and the lives of others and also reduce the effects of fire on the property.”
Why you need an escape plan

All of your family needs to understand the Escape Plan and to practice escaping from each room in the house by the two exits.
Most fires start in kitchens (25%), bedrooms (13%), and lounges and family rooms (16%). Make sure your family practices escaping from these rooms every three to six months.

Remember, you need to:
  • Have working smoke alarms
  • Know two ways out of every room if possible
  • Make sure that doors and windows needed for escape are clear and easy to open, and that there is a safe way to reach the ground from upper floors
  • Keep keys in deadlocks at all times when home
  • Have an outside meeting place, such as a letterbox or a special tree
  • Make special plans for young children and older people.
Get Out! Stay Out!
Our goal is to work with students, teachers and professional organisations to provide helpful information and realistic solutions for our youth.