Family Harm

​The law says that ‘domestic violence’ can be physical, sexual or psychological.
  • Nobody has the right to assault another person.
  • Nobody is allowed to have sexual contact with another person without permission.
  • Nobody has the right to use intimidation, threats or mind games to gain power over another person.

If you are a victim of family harm or in a relationship that makes you fearful about your own or anyone else’s safety, seek help as soon as possible. You have the right to be safe.
The Justice Department of Aotearoa New Zealand describes Domestic Violence as “An abuse of Human Rights”. They go on to describe what domestic violence is as:

Physical Abuse:  Nobody – including a husband, wife, partner or an adult who looks after children, is allowed to hit, punch, kick or in any way assault another person.  70% of all domestic violence is alcohol related

Sexual Abuse: Nobody is allowed to have any sexual contact with another person without that person’s permission.

Psychological Abuse:  Can include intimidation, threats and harassment. Some examples of psychological abuse could include damaging property, allowing children to see or hear any domestic violence, controlling someone’s contact with friends as a way of having power over him or her.

Our goal is to work with students, teachers and professional organisations to provide helpful information and realistic solutions for our youth.