About Us

The Student Communication and Safe Practices Charitable Trust (“the SCSP”) was formed in 2013 by some proactive and resourceful Cantabrians who were working to support at risk students with the numerous social issues they were facing daily.

In an increasingly complex society, it has become ever harder to keep our young people safe.  There was no single credible interactive resource, tools and advice on keeping young people safe.  Information on choices for safer outcomes was hard for teachers and students to find and was not always relevant to Kiwi Kids and typically didn’t utilise available technology.  So SCSP set about creating an innovative E-resource that would appeal to students.  Giving teachers a comprehensive and accessible innovative E-learning resource that would give teenagers strategies to protect and support at risk children in our community throughout New Zealand.

Our team identified software; alliances were formed; solutions developed; and an online real life group of scenarios offering teenagers opportunities to experiment with scenarios exploring negative consequences and positive choices was developed and trialed by 13 schools in Canterbury.  The E-Learning model proved to be extremely successful and was then launched as an E-resource through Network for Learning’s E-Portal, making it accessible to all NZ teachers.  This E Learning tool allows students to explore issues via reality style videos online in a format that appeals to the target audience that allows low stakes experimental learning to take place supported by our 0800 pupils 24/7 phone support service run by Crimestoppers NZ.